What is opposition status..!? How is it given..??

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What is opposition status..!? How is it given..??
* What is opposition status?
* The opposition is like a kind of checking system for the government.
* Has ycp won opposition status?
In India, the ruling party and opposition parties do politics together. The party in opposition status ensures that the promises made by the ruling party are implemented and proper administration is provided. In the telugu states of andhra pradesh and Telangana, the status of opposition is very important. Simply put, the parties that are not in government are called opposition. Their job is to examine the work of the government, if there are any mistakes, to correct them, and to advise the government on what is good for the people.
Why is opposition important?
Without opposition, the government acts as it pleases. No one questions them, so they don't care if they make mistakes. The opposition is like a kind of checking system for the government.
How is opposition status given?
The way of giving opposition status varies slightly in some legislatures. But, the main principle is the same. The party that wins the second-highest number of seats in the election is recognized as the main opposition party. This recognition is very important for the proper functioning of a democratic system. This is because different opinions will be heard and discussed in the legislature. In India, if a party is to be officially recognized as the opposition, there are certain rules. Must win at least 10% of the total seats in that legislature. If no single party meets this 10% threshold, the opposition party that wins the most seats may be given informal opposition status. But, it does not have the full rights that come with official recognition.
Role of Opposition in telugu States:

The role of the opposition is crucial in maintaining the political balance in andhra pradesh and Telangana. The opposition scrutinizes the ruling party's decisions and actions and holds it accountable for its promises and policies. This observation is necessary to ensure that the government focuses on public welfare to prevent abuse of power. But according to the rule this time ycp was supposed to win 17.5 assembly seats but it could not win all the seats so officially ycp does not have opposition status.

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