Sensational orders of Janasena Minister Nadendla..!

S Venkateshwari
Sensational orders of janasena minister Nadendla..!

The alliance in andhra pradesh was a huge victory. Chandrababu also felt that the janasena party, which was a part of the alliance's success, was crucial. With this, chandrababu naidu also gave posts to janasena ministers. In particular, janasena minister nadendla manohar was also given the Civil Supplies Department. But as soon as he takes the reins, he is doing his job and moving forward. Especially government is a continuous level process..The government should not revolve around one person..should not revolve around officials..People elected by the people should have the freedom given to them when they are chosen as ministers.

But it doesn't matter if they are not given complete freedom, they should be able to do their work. According to the latest, each minister is holding talks with their departments. Analyzing the above branches. Especially people like nadendla manohar are going to the godowns and doing inspections. Godowns were checked in areas like mangalagiri and Godavari. In particular, it is found that the weight is less than the consequences that are put there. Checks showed.

Due to this, packets of sugarcane, sugar, oil, etc. have been stopped across the state. nadendla manohar has accused them of giving comprehensive orders regarding VT within a week. This is the most important work. It can be said that this is the work that leaders want people to do. And in the coming days, we have to see if the tdp ministers will also do similar things in all places and gain more fame. Anyway, Jana Sena leaders and activists are also growing in andhra pradesh one by one and gaining good popularity.

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