Bejawada politics has become a hot topic...!

S Venkateshwari
Bejawada politics has become a hot topic..!

Bejawada politics in andhra pradesh has become a hot topic once again. After tdp chief Chandrababu Naidu's alliance came to power, many leaders created a ruckus by ignoring Chandrababu's words. Now recently political tensions have taken place in many areas including Vijayawada. There has been tension at the house of former mla Vallabhaneni vamsi for the past week. Due to this, the police are also making sure that the vehicles do not go towards his house.

Recently, the house belonging to former tdp corporator and now ycp leader Sandepu Jagdish in vijayawada suburb Singh nagar area was also demolished yesterday by the municipal officials. With this, the political climate there has once again become heated. But they are alleging that tdp mla bonda uma is behind this. jagadish protested along with his family and accused them of not doing such party politics.

On this occasion, he was tonsured sitting in front of his house in Prakash Nagar. His family members were also present and his wife was also about to be tonsured  when he was stopped by the police. A promise was made between Jagdish and the police. bonda uma got angry saying Dadagiri is too much. He said that his building was demolished with the help of JCBs and that he encouraged this building in the past when he was in TDP and now such a thing is against the rules. Today the power may be TDP's but tomorrow it may be YCP's but he was firedsaying that it is not appropriate to do such partisan politics.

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