Vikramaditya Singh taunts Kangana Ranaut

Vikramaditya Singh taunts kangana Ranaut…

Voting is to be held in himachal pradesh on june 1. Mandi parliamentary constituency has become a hot seat across the country. Here the contest is between BJP's kangana ranaut and Congress' vikramaditya Singh. Both the leaders are also targeting each other fiercely. congress candidate vikramaditya Singh has once again strongly targeted Kangana. Addressing public meetings in Charkhadi, Nihari and Dehar of Sundarnagar assembly on Monday, vikramaditya Singh said that the bjp candidate does not see the development work of congress in Mandi.

Kangana does not see the development of Mandi

Vikramaditya Singh said that kangana ranaut says in her election meetings that Virbhadra Singh and mp Pratibha Singh did not do any development work in this area. She needs to change her glasses. IIT, Medical college and Kiratpur four lane in Mandi are the contribution of the former congress government and Virbhadra Singh. vikramaditya Singh said that Virbhadra Singh developed the area while being the chief minister and mp and the public itself is witness to this.

Vikramaditya Singh's taunt on kangana Ranaut

Vikramaditya Singh taunted, "The daughter of Bhambla who could not be of her own house, how will she be of Mandi. Today she is asking for votes from the people by calling herself the daughter of Mandi. The one who did not even take care of her family during the time of disaster, how will she understand the pain and suffering of others." vikramaditya Singh said, "Kangana Ranaut has not been able to tell her vision for Mandi parliamentary constituency yet. He said that kangana ranaut has no knowledge of geography or history. She claims that the country got independence after the year 2014. In such a situation, her general knowledge can also be easily imagined."

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