Vikramaditya Singh born by the grace of this goddess!!!

Vikramaditya Singh born by the grace of this goddess!!!

On 17 october 1989, a son was born in the house of former chief minister Virbhadra Singh. Like his father, son vikramaditya Singh has also established himself in politics. He is also contesting elections from Mandi parliamentary constituency. Public Works minister vikramaditya Singh is the congress candidate from Mandi parliamentary constituency in the government led by himachal pradesh chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu.

Prayed for a son at Shikari Devi

During his campaign, vikramaditya Singh visited the temple of Shikari Devi in Karsog and bowed his head. This is the same temple where Virbhadra Singh prayed for a son. In 1989, Virbhadra Singh, while being the chief minister, came to the court of Shikari Devi and prayed for a son. After this, a son was born in Virbhadra Singh's house. Virbhadra Singh's son vikramaditya Singh has also shared this anecdote with the public by sharing the picture of Shikari Devi temple.

Birth of a son at home at the age of 55

Virbhadra Singh was born on 23 june 1934. Virbhadra Singh had two marriages. After the death of his first wife Ratna Kumari, Virbhadra Singh married for the second time. Virbhadra Singh's second marriage was with Pratibha Singh. Virbhadra Singh and Pratibha Singh's son is vikramaditya Singh. vikramaditya Singh was born in the year 1989. Virbhadra Singh was 55 years old in the year 1989. Virbhadra Singh was an mp five times and chief minister six times. Similarly, his wife has also been an mp from Mandi parliamentary constituency three times. After winning the mla election twice, vikramaditya is now contesting the first lok sabha election of his life.

The temple of Mata is at such a height above sea level

The temple of Shikari Devi Mata is situated at an altitude of 3 thousand 359 meters above sea level. This temple of the goddess situated on the hills of Shikari peak is still without a roof. Even after snowfall, snow does not stick to the idols here. It is said that this temple was built by the Pandavas. During snowfall, devotees are unable to reach here for darshan.

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