Is everything not well between Ajit Pawar-BJP?

Is everything not well between Ajit Pawar-BJP? 

Maharashtra minister and senior ncp leader Chhagan Bhujbal on monday demanded that his party be given 80-90 seats to contest this year's assembly elections. On this, maharashtra Deputy chief minister and bjp leader devendra fadnavis said that bjp is the largest party and will contest elections on more seats. Speaking at an ncp meeting, Chhagan Bhujbal said that when we joined the alliance (BJP-Shiv Sena), we were assured of getting 80 to 90 seats to contest the assembly elections. However, we got very few seats to contest in this lok sabha election.

We want more seats to contest elections- Bhujbal

Chhagan Bhujbal further said, "We should tell them (BJP) that we want more seats to contest the elections so that we can win around 50 to 60 seats." Of the 288 seats in the state, the bjp had won 105 seats in the 2019 assembly elections, while the undivided ncp had won 54 seats. He wondered, "If we get 50 seats to contest due to the number of MLAs the party has, how many people will actually be elected among those 50?" The ncp leader also expressed displeasure over reports that Manusmriti, an ancient Hindu text, would possibly be taught in schools. We spent a lot of energy explaining to Dalits that BJP's call to win more than 400 lok sabha seats does not mean that the party will change the Constitution to remove reservation benefits. Even prime minister Narendra Modi refuted those claims of the opposition. Now, there are reports that Manusmriti is likely to be implemented in schools.

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