Chandragiri Politics - What's Cooking?

Each party has its own argument on the chandragiri riots. Cases were also registered in tirupati, chandragiri and ramachandrapuram police stations and arrests were made on the incidents that took place on May 13 and 14. A SIT investigation is also underway. There is tension in the areas where the attacks took place. On the other hand, as the police pickets continued, the situation became like a raging fire. Central paramilitary forces have also been deployed. The election commission also paid special attention to the chandragiri riots. While the case of chandragiri riots has become a hot topic, on the other hand ycp and tdp have made politics more interesting with power point presentations where the ruling party and the opposition are criticizing and complaining about each other. 4 days ago tdp candidate Pulivarthy nani who attended the SIT investigation at tirupati SVU police station was explained to DSP ravi Manoharachari about the incident. . He explained the incident that took place at Padmavati Women's university on May 14. When nani handed over the details of the attackers and the video footage to the DSP, it was brought to the attention of the DSP that the real accused were left behind and the innocent were implicated in the case.

Chevireddy bhaskar reddy, Mohit reddy, raghu and Bhanukumar said that in the cases A1 to A9 were the accused who had committed the attack and the rest were innocent people who wanted to kill nani physically. It has been alleged that nani has filed illegal cases against 70 telugu desam party workers, leaving behind the original protagonists and masterminds. Pulivarthi nani said that illegal cases were filed against the tdp activists by leaving the ycp activists who tried to kill them. Two days ago, government whip chevireddy bhaskar reddy came to tirupati SP's office and met SP Harshvardhan Raju. chevireddy briefed the SP about the polling, the events that followed, the allegations made by chandragiri tdp candidate Pulivarthy nani, and then gave a media presentation on the riots in chandragiri and Tirupati.

  The videos related to the fights were displayed and the events were explained. Moreover, a video presentation was given that Nani's wife also acted like a great actress. chevireddy, who said that his car was attacked at the RDO office during the nomination, said that the attacks were carried out after obstructing a small fight in Kuchiwaripally. He said that two cars including the ycp leader's house were vandalized. chevireddy also said that a boy was beaten. chevireddy said that it was not Bhanu's intention to attack nani in the women's university. chevireddy said that it was a drama that he was not injured in the attack and two hours later he was in a wheelchair. chevireddy said that they did not understand why data-face masks and ventilators were put in the hospital and innocent people were troubled in many ways.

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