Modi traveled the world in 10 years!!!

Sekar Chandra

Modi traveled the world in 10 years!!!

BJP leader ashish Shelar ( ashish Shelar ) inspected the drain cleaning in the western suburbs of Mumbai. Today, Shelar reviewed the drain cleaning in mumbai for the third time. Meanwhile, ashish Shelar criticized thackeray group leader uddhav thackeray, stating that the drainage was not satisfactory this time. Where is uddhav thackeray ? Have you gone to inspect the sewers of London? This question was asked by ashish Shelar . Meanwhile, mla sunil Raut , the brother of thackeray mp sanjay raut , has given a strong reply to ashish Shelar's criticism.

What did sunil Raut say?

Narendra Modi traveled a hundred worlds in ten years. What did they go to do at that time? If uddhav Sahib goes to London, his stomach hurts. Modi is going fifty times a year. What advice will ashish Shelar give to Modi? Give them proper advice too. This country is ours, they are roaming around the world. What have they promised? The things that Modi has guaranteed. Complete it all. Then ask us I uddhav thackeray went to London. Where did they go, sunil Raut has said.

It is doubtful how long the MLAs you have stolen will last

Speaking further, sunil Raut said, do we take objection when these go around the world? Do they sit in the house? First you advise your PM then advise us. Sitting for a year does not work. When uddhav Saheb was the Chief Minister, he was number one all over the world. Ask them what their number is. Head is needed to work, just sitting does not work. You cannot cross 400. sunil Raut has also said that it is doubtful how long the MLAs you have stolen will stay.

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