Is Congress turning its hand...

Sekar Chandra

Is congress turning its hand...

Does the congress party, which has been away from power at the center for ten years, express confidence that this dhafa will turn its hand..? The analysis of the party leaders is that if the hundred seats mark is crossed, the politics will change. They say that their party won only 52 seats in the 2019 elections, and now even if they increase by one seat, it will go to their account out of the 303 seats won by the BJP. Hastam leaders are expressing the hope that if the mark of 100 seats is crossed, bjp will win less seats than the magic figure of 272. It is said that if the strength of bjp is reduced in this election, there will be a radical change in the country's politics. It is said that the parties in the bjp alliance in the respective states will also data-face the situation. It is said that all the parties in the nda alliance so far have been brought in by BJP's blackmailing and they are the parties that have tasted the blow of BJP.

The analysis of Hastam leaders is that if any opportunity comes to those parties, they will not hesitate to hit the bjp again and they will be ready to come together with the congress in this process. Moreover.. congress has the experience of working with india alliance parties as well as nda partner parties, and while the reunion of old friends is inevitable, it will not be difficult to gather them back and form the government after the election results. Whether the congress hits a century, is close to the century mark or has crossed the century mark, it is said that many strategies are in the bag of the congress salesmen to prevent the bjp from coming to power for the third time.

It is said that if the strength of the bjp decreases and the strength of the congress increases, all the strategies of the lotus party for power will be damaged in front of the congress brand politics, and the leaders of the lotus are aware of that fact. But whoever is doing the calculations... It is the indian voter who will decide the calculations of the two alliances after june 4th. Until then, we have to wait and see how the country's politics will change.

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