The bride threatened on the stage, the groom did such a thing that the in-laws house got shaken

Sekar Chandra
The bride threatened on the stage, the groom did such a thing that the in-laws house got shaken

Dulha Dulhan funny viral video: A video has surdata-faced on social media in which the bride starts scolding the groom in the middle of the garland, then the scene that follows will make you laugh and hold your stomach. Dulha Dulhan funny viral video: You must have often seen many wedding videos going viral on social media. Different types of scenes can be seen in these wedding videos, some make you laugh and some make people get angry after seeing them. Recently, a video has surdata-faced in which the bride and groom start fighting on the stage during Jaymala. The bride immediately loses her temper and starts scolding the groom.

In the viral video, it can be seen that the bride and groom are standing on the stage with their relatives for Jaymala. Then as soon as the Jaymala ritual begins, the bride throws the Jaymala aside and loses her temper. The bride gets so angry that she gets angry at the groom and starts scolding him by pointing her finger in front of the crowd. In the video it seems that the bride is angry with the groom about something.

Further in the video you can see that the groom also gets angry after seeing all this and starts leaving the stage in the middle of the garland (as if he does not want to marry the bride further). Some people standing with him on the stage try to convince the groom but the groom is not agreeing. However, it is not known in the video whether he marries the bride or not.

This video, which is becoming increasingly viral, has been shared from an X account named @byomkesbakshy. Till now the video has been viewed more than 3.90 lakh times. Apart from this, many users are also giving different types of reactions on this. One user wrote that what kind of attack did this boy suffer, the other boy survived, okay it was right.

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