Ambati Rambabu is haunted by that fear..?

S Venkateshwari
Elections in andhra pradesh have ended peacefully.. youth participated in polling this time like never before. This time they came to Andhra even though they were from far away places and exercised their right to vote. The polling in the state was conducted peacefully on May 13. Since then there has been nerve-wracking tension in the state.

People are eagerly waiting to see who will come to power this time. This time, sitting mla Ambati Rambabu stood as ycp mla candidate in Sattenapalli constituency. Kanna lakshmi Narayana is contesting as a tdp alliance candidate. But this time during the polling, there were huge fights in Palnadu district. tdp and ycp candidates attacked each other.
TDP factions tried very hard to defeat Ambati Rambabu, who is a strong leader of YCP. ycp candidate Ambati Rambabu complained to the ec that tdp rigged on polling day. Also, Ambati Rambabu Sattenapalli, who supported Pinnelli after the ec issued an arrest warrant against the sitting mla Pinnelli in the case of breaking the EVM, filed a petition in the high court for re-polling because some polling booths were rigged.

However, the high court dismissed the petition. With this, Ambati was afraid of winning. As kanna lakshminarayana has focused on the polling booths this time rather than the polling management, it seems that TDP's victory is almost certain. With this, everyone is wondering what will happen to Ambati if he loses in that constituency.

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