Vijay Vadettiwar's question to Fadnavis

Vijay Vadettiwar's question to Fadnavis…

Two persons tragically died in a porsche car accident in Pune. While this accident was being discussed all over the country, the incident of drunk and driving came to light from Nagpur. The accident took place in the Zenda Chowk area of Kotwali police limits in nagpur on friday evening. police informed that three persons including a child were injured in this accident. After the incident, the police arrested three people including the car driver who was driving recklessly. Opposition leader Vijay Wadettiwar reacted angrily to this. Also are laws and regulations just to torture the common man? Such a question has been asked to the state home minister Devendra Fadnavis.

While informing about the incident, nagpur DCP Gorakh Bhamre said, "A speeding car hit three people including a small child in the Zenda Chowk area of Kotwali police station around 8:30 in the night. After that, the people present at the spot caught one of the accused. Bottles and drugs have been seized. A case has been registered against them."

What did Vijay Wadettiwar say?

"After Pune, a drunk and drive case also happened in nagpur yesterday. The police investigation has come forward to find alcohol bottles and drugs in the car of the accused in the accident. We had raised the issue of easy availability of drugs in the big cities of the state in the previous session. By repeatedly raising questions, the government and the attention of the home Department was drawn to this. Now it is seen that no action has been taken on it", said Vijay Vadettiwar. Further, Vijay Wadettiwar said, "Other times there are traffic police alerts, so don't the police pay attention to the reckless accused that drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs? Or are the laws and regulations only to harass the common man? nagpur is known as the crime capital in the last 2 years. The increase in the number of such accidents has created a threat to the lives of common citizens. We demand that the state home minister take these incidents seriously."

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