When will the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu wake up from his long sleep?

When will the chief minister of tamil Nadu wake up from his long sleep?

BJP state president annamalai has condemned that DMK government has not applied for even a single medical college after coming to power.

Will chief minister Stalin make it clear who's dream of setting up government medical colleges in 6 districts of tamil Nadu and the opportunity to produce around 900 doctors per year has been taken away by DMK's incompetence? bjp state president annamalai has questioned.

In this regard, he said in a statement: "The central government led by our indian Prime minister Narendra Modi has provided 15 new medical colleges to tamil Nadu in the last ten years. Accordingly, medical education seats in tamil Nadu have doubled in the last ten years. Also, through NEET examination, students from ordinary families have got an opportunity to study medicine. However, the DMK continues to oppose the NEET examination as the income of the medical colleges run by the DMK is affected.

In this situation, in the year 2023, the National Medical Commission introduced the rule of 100 medical seats for every ten lakh population. According to this, as 15 new government medical colleges have been set up in tamil Nadu in the last ten years, the possibility of setting up more new colleges has decreased. Following this, parties including the tamil Nadu bjp urged the National Medical Commission, and the National Medical Commission announced that this new rule will come into effect only after 2025.

According to this, the deadline for applying for setting up new medical colleges was announced as november 26, 2023. But the DMK government has completely ignored the application for the new government medical colleges. While the DMK government had said that it would apply for setting up new medical colleges in the six districts of Mayiladuthurai, Tirupattur, Thenkasi, Perambalur, kanchipuram and Ranipettai in tamil Nadu, as the DMK government failed to apply within the given deadline, it has come to light that about 900 medical education seats have been lost in tamil Nadu.

 The DMK government should have applied for setting up new government medical colleges in tamil Nadu as soon as it was announced that the new rule of the National Medical Commission would come into effect only in 2025. But DMK has completely ignored the medical education opportunity of tamil Nadu students because there is no profit for DMK if government medical colleges are established. About 900 medical education seats are lost every year. The dream of medical education of students from poor and humble family background has been completely shattered by DMK. Every time, DMK, which is only busy blaming the central government for some reason, what is its response to this unwieldy act? In fact, DMK is more interested in starting private medical colleges than in starting government medical colleges.

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