Sand mafia's courage is high in Narmadapuram!

Sekar Chandra
Sand mafia's courage is high in Narmadapuram! 

NGT's order is being disobeyed in Narmadapuram district of Madhya Pradesh. In Narmadapuram district, sand mines have not been handed over to contractors for the last eight months. Narmadapuram district has 118 sand mines in three groups. These mines could not be started due to lack of permission. Despite this, the powerful sand mafia is working to extract sand from the Narmada River. While the mafia is getting rich from this illegal work, the government is also suffering huge loss of revenue.  It is known that lok sabha elections are over in five phases, now two phases of elections are left, on which everyone's eyes are fixed. Whereas in Madhya Pradesh, the four phase elections had ended on May 13, now the results are awaited. The results are to be declared on june 4, while the administrative staff across the state is also busy in election arrangements. The sand mafia is taking advantage of this busyness of the administration.

Mining even after NGT ban

Sand mafia is doing illegal mining with Pokhlane machines in the ghat famous as Tawa of Narmadapuram. Let us tell you that in Madhya Pradesh, the work of extracting sand from Son, Chambal, Parvati, Narmada rivers is done in the districts of Bhind, Morena, Shahdol, Betul, Harda, Dewas Dhar etc. It is known that a dozen sand ghats including Narmada Puram are closed in Madhya Pradesh. The contracts have not been handed over to the contractors yet. While sand is being extracted from narmada river by the people of Dabang sand mafia through big Poklane machines in the district, but there is no one to stop these mafias here.

Poklen machine running 24 hours

Talking about Narmadapuram district headquarters, Narmada's Karbala-Kharraghat, Javali, Amkhedi Dongarwada, Barandua, Pulghat-Khojanpur, village Raipur, Malakhedi, Bandrabhan, Sangakheda bridge, Nimsadia, Tawa bridge including Babai, Semri, Sohagpur, Pipariya, Bankhedi. There are many sand mines like Sivanimalwa, Dolariya etc. There is a ban on extracting sand in all these mines, yet the work of extracting sand is going on here 24 hours a day and night through hi-tech Poklane machines. While the narmada river is being damaged due to this illegal work, the government is also losing revenue.

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