Shock for YCP -130 seats for alliance in latest survey?

S Venkateshwari
Andhra Pradesh State assembly and parliament election polling was held on May 13. Now everyone is focused on the election results. Moreover, if the telugu brothers think that the telugu desam party alliance will come to power, ycp activists say that ycp will come to power again. Moreover, the leaders are also betting on ap assembly results and parliament results.

But Jaganmohan reddy recently announced that he will win more seats than ever in ap and left for London. With this, the ycp cadre is in full swing. However, the bjp, telugu Desam, and Jana Sena alliance recently surveyed this context. It is reported that this survey was conducted even after the election. However, in this survey, it has been revealed that the telugu Desam alliance has a chance of getting up to 130 seats.
The survey was conducted by a central bjp team. In this survey, the telugu desam party has a chance of getting 100 to 110 mla seats. It is reported that the janasena and Bharatiya Janata parties have a chance of getting 18 to 20 MLAs. That means that the telugu Desam alliance will win 120 to 130 seats in ap overall.
When it comes to parliament, the alliance will get 15 to 17 mp seats in this parliament election. It is reported that the telugu desam party will win 10 to 12 seats. There is a chance of getting five seats for bjp and janasena parties. It is said that the telugu Desam alliance will get a total of 17 mp seats. After seeing the report of this survey, the members of the alliance are very happy. Let's see how successful this survey will be.

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