Jagan Expects a Clean Sweep in that District?

S Venkateshwari
All eyes are on the results of andhra pradesh State assembly and parliament elections after the polling has ended. These results are going to be released within another week and ten days. Along with the results of the parliament across the country, the results of the ap assembly elections will also be released. In this background, all arrangements related to counting are being made in all the centers across AP.
Officials are taking steps to ensure that the counting is done smoothly without such problems. In this context, ap minister Botsa Satyanarayana made key comments. It has been announced that a clean sweep will be done in vizianagaram district. He said that this is possible under the rule of jagan Mark. minister Botsa Satyanarayana announced that they will win 175 to 175 in the state of andhra pradesh, nine to nine in Vizianagaram. He said that the government was brought before the door of the people.
It has got a very good reputation for implementing the volunteer system. So many states are ready to implement the volunteer system. He said that the education system in ap has been strengthened... Chandrababu was fired for mimicking in the elections. It is said that Finchan wrote a letter to the election commission not to give the money. He was angry that the scheme was blocked. minister Botsa Satyanarayana said that Chandrababu Naijam should not get welfare for the poor.
Minister Botsa Satyanarayana said that it is a habit of tdp to make accusations. If there is an attack on some people in Visakha, it has a political color. But Chandrababu and his son went abroad without telling us, Churakal said. minister Botsa Satyanarayana requested that incidents like riots and attacks should not continue in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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