Jaganmohan Reddy will take oath in Visakhapatnam..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Jaganmohan reddy will take oath in Visakhapatnam..!?

The 2024 elections in andhra pradesh are going to be very crucial. Especially between the ycp and tdp parties, the elections were fiercely contested. Moreover, this time the voting was more than ever and the atmosphere of war was also brought to mind. So far all the surveys are very favorable to the ycp party. Even though the alliance is also saying some surveys, Chandrababu is saying that the alliance has come together well and that is why they are going to come to power this time. They have calculations like this.

But in the last few days, ycp leaders have informed that this time Jaganmohan reddy will take oath in Visakhapatnam. After that tdp leaders are saying that their leader will take oath in Amaravati. In every matter, there is a fight between tdp and YCP. But now the latest news is that cm Jaganmohan reddy is preparing to take oath for the second time at the Andhra university ground in Vizag. Accordingly, the officials and secretaries are also monitoring the work. On the other hand, party leaders are booking guest and hotel rooms.

This issue is now becoming a hot topic in andhra pradesh politics. Now everyone is eagerly waiting to see what the tdp party will do. But the actual result will be declared on 4th June. Till now jagan has talked about the seats coming to him, but Chandrababu has not talked in any way so far. Both the leaders also went to foreign countries for rest. Let's see what happens on june 4.

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