No fear at all..!? YCP's winning strategy..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

No fear at all..!? YCP's winning strategy..!?

It is going to be 11 days since the election in Andhra Pradesh. After the voting process was completed, Jaganmohan reddy reviewed it three days later and informed that his party would get 151 seats in the IPAC meeting. After that, jagan went to rest abroad. Chandrababu did not make any announcement after that. Andhra Jyoti wrote two days later that it was revealed in their presence that 120 to 130 seats would be available as per the paper. Overall, they have someone's calculations. tdp party is doing a serious campaign saying that the ysr congress party will lose. telugu desam party is doing most of the betting too. If we look at the situation, it seems that it is favorable for us. At the ground level, SC, ST, Minority, and BC are also inclined towards the ycp party.

The leaders also informed that some of the people who have received benefits from the government in the OCs have been wearing it here and there. The ycp government thinks that they have 50 to 55% vote share. He also said that most of the votes would be from the Kapu social class. It is expected that there will be some cuts from the previous one. Also, we believe that women in the Kapu social class also voted for the ycp party. He said that even in the Brahmin community, the majority of votes went to YSP. They also say that they have voted for themselves because of the good work they have done for the arya Vaishyas. But the fourth date will tell if these predictions are true or not.

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