Opposition furious over murder of Dalit youth

Opposition furious over murder of Dalit youth…

Leader of Opposition in rajasthan Legislative assembly Tikaram Julie has fiercely attacked the Bhajanlal government. He has made many allegations against the government. Julie said that the leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party, who called rajasthan a 'rapist state', have now gone to which wrath house?

Tikaram Julie says, "Dalit women, girls and deaf and dumb (disabled) are not safe in the state. He said that the leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party, who talk about double engine government, should look inside themselves and see to what extent Jungle raj has come to dominate the state." Actually, the statement of the leader of Opposition has come when many criminal incidents have taken place in Rajasthan. Now the opposition is completely attacking the government.

Question on law and order of the state

Leader of Opposition Julie said, "Law and order has completely broken down in Rajasthan. The entire state is horrified by the brutality of the brutes here. She said that the situation in the state has deteriorated to such an extent that a deaf and mute minor girl is being raped." He was then burnt alive with petrol." Tikaram Julie further said, "Finally, after 11 days, the thread of this daughter's life was broken. He said that while the leaders of rajasthan government are sitting silent on this hair-raising incident, the police is not able to arrest such criminals. "Not even filing the victim's report."

Crime is increasing

He said, "A 3-year-old girl was burnt to death in the Chambal river in Rajakheda, Dholpur. This incident happened just 200 meters away from the police post." He said, "Under this rule of Parchi government, a Dalit youth was beaten to death in Jhunjhunu." Tikaram Julie made a big attack and said, "If there is even a little shame left in the eyes of the rajasthan government, then it should help the victim's family and take strict action against the culprits. A strict environment will have to be created so that such incidents do not happen again in the future."

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