New dam at Mullai Periyar: Kerala's conspiracy plan should not be approved

New dam at Mullai Periyar: Kerala's conspiracy plan should not be approved

Anbumani demands

Anbumani Ramadoss has demanded that the central government should not approve the kerala government's conspiracy to build a new dam in Mullai Periyar.

Anbumani Ramadoss, president of BAMA, said in a statement, "Kerala government, which has decided to build a new dam across the Mulla Periyar, has applied to the central government to determine the limits of environmental impact due to the construction of the dam and the demolition of the existing dam after the construction of the new dam. This move by the kerala government against the supreme Court's decision not to build a new dam is reprehensible.

It is said that the present dam across the Mullai Periyar has become weak after 128 years of construction, and if the dam collapses, the 3 dams including idukki under it will be severely affected; The kerala government is also saying that there will be a disaster in central Kerala. The kerala government has said that the only solution to prevent this disaster is to build a new dam, and has decided to build a new dam 366 meters below the existing dam and has prepared a detailed project report for the same. Following this, it has sought approval from the Environment Department to study the effects of the construction of the new dam and the demolition of the old dam.

The Ministry of Environment, which examined the application filed by the kerala government last January, sent the application on the 14th for the next stage of examination by the expert committee. The expert committee is going to examine and decide on it on the 28th. This move by the kerala government is not only intentional but also a conspiracy against tamil Nadu. It was a mistake for the Union Ministry of Environment to reject the kerala government's application for this at the initial stage and send it to the expert committee for review. This is in contempt of the supreme court judgment of 2014&.

The supreme court on May 7, 2014 ruled in the case regarding the strength of the Mullaip Periyartu Dam, "The dam is very strong. The existing dam is stronger than a new dam would be. Hence, no new dam is required. Instead steps should be taken to raise the water level of the dam to 152 feet,” it decreed. Accordingly, the kerala government, which is blocking all the steps taken by the tamil Nadu government to strengthen the dam and raise the water level to 152 feet, on the other hand, it has become a routine to try to build a new dam by pretending that the dam has weakened.

A number of lawsuits have been filed in the last decade in the name of various individuals at the instigation of the kerala government regarding the strength of the Mullaiperiatu dam and the need for a new dam. However, the supreme court dismissed all the cases. Apart from that, an expert committee constituted by the supreme court has also inspected the dam several times and has given evidence that it is very strong. However, it is wrong for the kerala government to insist on building a new dam; Intentional.

Kerala government's intention is not to build a new dam in Mulla Periyar. Rather, it is to prevent the dam's water level from rising to 152 feet. A number of luxury hotels and mansions of kerala celebrities have been built in the water reservoirs of Mullaiperiaru Dam. They will be submerged if the dam level is raised to 152 feet. kerala is taking such efforts to prevent such a situation from happening.

The central government should understand the kerala government's conspiracy against tamil Nadu's interests in the mullaperiyar dam issue. Apart from that, the central government should reject the kerala government's demand for an environmental impact assessment study for the construction of a new dam in Mulla Periyar, taking into account the important aspects of the supreme court judgment. On the contrary, I request the central government to order the kerala government to immediately grant permission to cut down about 15 trees in the area to prevent the strengthening of the Baby Dam, which is a part of the Mullai Periyartu Dam.

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