Chandrababu will win with a majority in the Kuppam constituency..!?

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Chandrababu will win with a majority in the kuppam constituency..!?

In the context of the andhra pradesh State assembly and parliament elections, ycp has placed one on top of the entire Chandrababu constituency.This timeJaganmohan Reddy also sketched the target of defeating chandrababu naidu, Balakrishna, Nara Lokesh, and Pawan Kalyan. Especially since 2019, Jaganmohan reddy has been making sketches to definitely defeat the leader of the opposition, Chandrababu Babu.Jagan, who has implemented many welfare schemes in the kuppam constituency in the last five years, has also won local organizations there. YSP won 19 out of 25 wards in the kuppam Municipality elections. telugu desam party won only 6 seats. Also, there are a total of 89 Panchayats in kuppam Constituency. In this, ycp supporters won 76 seats.

Telugu Desam party supporters won only 13. In the local bodies held after the 2019 assembly elections... YCP got more votes than the telugu Desam Party. If we look at the results of all the elections held so far... 79,633 voters have supported the ycp party. Only 21,000 people voted for Chandrababu. All these are calculations of local bodies. Also, welfare schemes have been implemented by the ycp government at the ground level.

Jagan has made it clear that if Chandrababu is defeated, he will give a ministerial position to Bharat. After looking at all these calculations... Jagan clearly says that chandrababu naidu will lose in the kuppam constituency. But... with the arrest of chandrababu naidu the other day... sympathy for him has increased throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. In the background of this sympathy, political analysts say that Chandrababu will win with a majority in the kuppam constituency. chandrababu naidu won the last election with a majority of 30 thousand 722 votes.

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