Fear of defeat for the third time..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Fear of defeat for the third time..!?

In the Macharla constituency of Palnadu district from 2004 till nowelections Pinnelli family has been running the air. Pinnelli Lakshmareddy won from the congress party. His brother pinnelli ramakrishna reddy also entered politics after that. In 2009 he got an opportunity from the congress and won. pinnelli ramakrishna reddy won from the YSRCP party in the 2014 and 2019 assembly elections.

But if the state of the assembly election is like this, tdp could not field even the candidates in the recent local bodies elections. Pinnelli Ramakrishna reddy got all his followers to sit in the positions after getting all the votes. They searched for a leader who works diligently. As part of that, the name of Julakanti Brahma reddy came to the fore. Chandrababu appointed him as the in-charge of the Macharla telugu Desam Party. Julakanti Brahma reddy is also a Macharla area.. His father Nagireddy contested as an independent candidate in 1972 and won.

But in the 2004 and 2009 assembly elections, Julakanti Brahma reddy stood in the ring as a tdp candidate and was defeated, so he distanced himself from politics. And Julakanti Brahma reddy, who stayed away from politics for 12 years due to the fear of defeat... is now contesting again... but this time tooitseems difficult. It seems that he entered the ring with the fear of defeat for the third time as well. That is why the people of Palnadu are commenting that there is rigging and encroachment of polling booths. tdp believes that Julakanti Brahma reddy is a leader who can withstand the wind of pinnelli ramakrishna reddy and do politics, but there are reports that tdp is resorting to aggression in the Palnadu public. And what will the future be like if whoever comes to power? The public of Palanadu is very worried about what conflicts will happen.

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