What will be the impact of the death of Iranian President?

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What will be the impact of the death of Iranian President?

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi (63) and Foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian died in a helicopter crash. This accident happened while returning from Azerbaijan. Raisi's helicopter went missing around 7 pm on 19 May. All 9 people on board the helicopter died in this accident. This accident happened at a time when Iran's relations with Israel have deteriorated significantly. Not only this, iran is also under tension with America. In such a situation, Raisi's death can have a significant impact on Iraq, israel, india and global politics. 

President Raisi had come to azerbaijan to inaugurate the Kiz Kalasi and Khodafarin Dam. After the completion of this inauguration program, he went to Tabriz city. His helicopter crashed on the way between Tabriz and Azerbaijan. The place where his helicopter made a hard landing after being disassembled is near Varjekan city, 50 kilometers away from Tabriz city.

India's reaction to this accident

Indian prime minister narendra Modi expressed grief over Raisi's death on social media and wrote, "Shocked and saddened by the news of the death of President Ibrahim Raisi. His contribution to strengthening the relations between india and iran will always be remembered. I express my condolences to the people of iran and Raisi's family. india stands with iran in this hour of grief.

Impact of Raisi's death on India's relations

The death of Iran's President is no less than a deep shock for India. In fact, not only are there trade relations between iran and india, butboth the countries are also important strategic partners of each other. The Iranian President was also going to come to india this year, but he died tragically in this sudden accident.

Raisi had a very positive attitude towards india and also had good relations with narendra Modi. This is the reason why india continued its trade and strategic partnership with iran after American sanctions. Some time ago, india had signed a big agreement with iran on Chabahar Port. Under this agreement, Chabahar Port will be operated by india for at least the next 10 years. Ibrahim Raisi played a very important role in bringing this deal to a conclusion. It was strategically important for india to get to Chabahar Port. This was not only a route to Eurasia and Eastern Europe, but through this india is also exploring routes to the Middle east and Europe. In such a situation, theChabahar Agreement is a big achievement for india and it is expected that in this situation india will not leave Iran.

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