The suspicious silent case of 3 BJP's?

Sindujaa D N
It seems there's a shift in dynamics within the andhra pradesh bjp, with key leaders like somu veerraju and vishnu Vardhan reddy experiencing a period of silence. This silence appears to stem from various factors, including dissatisfaction with party decisions and alleged disagreements with the leadership.
Somu Veerraju, who played a significant role in BJP's presence in andhra pradesh by becoming its President, seems to be at odds with the party leadership. The decision to withhold a ticket for him in the rajahmundry city seat and the alleged dissatisfaction with the leadership's handling of alliances may have contributed to his current silence.

Vishnu Vardhan reddy, another active bjp member, also finds himself in a similar situation. Despite his past involvement and interest in contesting elections, he did not receive a ticket this time. Speculations suggest that his perceived opposition to the alliance with the tdp and his distancing from the state bjp leadership might have influenced this decision.
These instances highlight internal dynamics within the andhra pradesh bjp, where certain leaders are facing challenges and experiencing periods of silence due to various factors such as disagreements with the leadership and party decisions.

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