Can Roja achieve her dreams of scoring a Hat-trick?

The name of nagari constituency is being heard as the answer to the question of where the ycp will definitely lose in the 2024 elections. Before the election code came into force, there was a campaign in nagari that if ycp mla ticket was given to Roja, she would surely lose. Due to giving ticket to Roja, many ycp workers in the constituency joined tdp and worked for the party's victory.
While some people are accusing Roja of corruption, it seems that some activists and leaders supported tdp because they could not bear the demands of Roja's family members in the party. It is noteworthy that comments are being expressed that there is a chance for tdp to win in this constituency that Roja's dreams of achieving a hat-trick are dashed. There are also questions about Roja's future if she loses the election.
The fact that ycp leaders and workers became rebels and campaigned was a minus for her. Comments are heard that Gali Bhanuprakash is sure to become mla from nagari constituency with a huge majority in this election. Some ycp leaders also campaigned against her. It can be said that Roja has completely opposite conditions locally.
The comments are showing that cm jagan himself campaigned for the victory of ycp in nagari, but it was without result. It is being spread that ycp may win in kuppam and ycp may lose in Nagari. It is being spread that there will be shocking results in both tdp and ycp constituencies in this election. It remains to be seen how the results of this election will be. The comments show that jagan is aware that Roja will lose in Nagari. It is being spread that if Roja loses, it will not be easy for her to win from nagari in the future.

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