Liquor Prices Hike: Liquor prices hike.

Liquor Prices Hike: Liquor prices hike.


According to the new liquor policy, consumers will now have to pay more. Detailed information on liquor price hike can be found here.

Liquor Prices Hike

Under the new excise policy, the price of liquor will increase, the government said. This has given the alcoholics a shock. The issue of increasing this quota across the state has been finalized and now a report on increasing the quota in the district is being prepared.

Liquor Price

Apart from this, there are fewer bars in rural areas than before. Haryana's new excise policy for 2024-25 will make consumption of alcohol in pubs and bars more expensive from June. This policy will come into effect after withdrawal of Model Code of Conduct applicable to general elections.

Price Hike

Under the new policy, the license fee will be doubled for bars that want to operate till 2 am. In the new policy, the basic annual license fee for bars has been increased from Rs 16 lakh to Rs 20 lakh.

New excise policy

Whereas the permitted business hours have been reduced from 2 am to midnight. Bars willing to do business till 2 am will have to pay an additional Rs 20 lakh as license fee. The new policy will come into effect from june 12.

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