HEAVY RAIN: Risk of flash floods due to heavy rain.

HEAVY RAIN: Risk of flash floods due to heavy rain.

Due to heavy rains, the Disaster Management Department has warned the public through text messages that tourists should not bathe in rivers and waterfalls.

Less than normal rainfall

A report has been published regarding the precautionary measures taken on behalf of the state disaster department as heavy rains have been received in various districts of tamil Nadu. Out of which, tamil Nadu received 12.5 cm during the summer season from march to May. Rain is available naturally. This year from 1.3.2024 to 19.5.2024 8.44 cm. Rain is reported.This is 17 percent less than normal. While the temperature has been rising above normal in various districts for the past one month, there has been widespread rain in tamil Nadu for the past one week. The india Meteorological Department announced on 19.05.2024 that heavy to very heavy rain may occur at one or two places in various districts till 23.05.2024.

A warning message to the public

As the heavy rain warning has been received, the district Collectors have been advised on 15.5.2024 to follow the standard guidelines issued for effective management of the disaster situation and take all necessary precautions.18.05 through Common Alert Protocol to 2.66 crore cell phones in Kanyakumari, tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Dindigul, Coimbatore, Nilgiris, Virudhunagar and Theni districts for the safety of the public and tourists as heavy rains are likely to occur in the tourist areas of the Western Ghats for the next 3 days. .2024 and on 19.05.2024 alert messages have been sent.

Avoid tourism

Following the heavy rain warning, 10 teams comprising 296 personnel of the tamil Nadu Disaster Response Force have been deployed in Kanyakumari, Coimbatore, tirunelveli and Nilgiris districts. While a heavy rain warning has been issued for the Western Ghats till 23.05.2024, it has been advised that the tourists visiting the tourist places should take adequate precautions and if they intend to avoid the tourism, they can avoid it. Concerned district Collectors have issued a press release for the safety of the public.

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