If he's defeated, Jagan will Win? What's this Calculation?

After polling in andhra pradesh state, Lokesh, balayya and Pawan are likely to win, but comments are showing that there is no chance of Raghurama krishna Raju winning. The comments show that he got the ticket at the last minute. Raghurama Krishnamraju has said on several occasions that he did not get the narasapuram mp ticket from the alliance because of cm Jagan.
Raghurama Krishnamraju has recently said that the alliance will win 125 to 150 seats in ap, while ycp will be limited to 25 to 40 seats. But if Raghurama defeats Krishnamraj in Undi, the comments show that jagan has won in a way. Raghurama Krishnamraju has criticized ycp and jagan on many occasions since last four years as ycp rebel MP.
Raghurama Krishnamraju brought the scandal to jagan that his own party's mp was criticizing Jagan. If Raghurama krishna Raju wins as an MLA, there will be a chance to repeatedly target jagan in the assembly as well. On behalf of ycp in Undi P.V.L. Narsimharaju contested. It seems that there is a chance of favorable results for Narsimharaj in this constituency due to different reasons.
There is talk in political circles that jagan has implemented many strategies to defeat Raghurama. If Raghurama does not win as MLA, even the alliance will not have a chance to hold him. Raghurama, on the other hand, hopes that he will win and will witness the defeat of YCP. We will have to wait for a few more days to know whether YCP's belief in defeating Raghurama will come true. The tension for the candidates is increasing as the time for the election counting approaches.

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