YSR Arogyashri: Suspended from today - Here's why

In andhra pradesh, there was a sudden break in the health services that were providing free medical treatment to the poor people.. Under this scheme, many people have been treated free of charge till now. The andhra pradesh Specialty Hospital Association has informed that the health services are going to be stopped from May 22 especially because the government has not paid the bills for the treatment. To this extent, the government was also informed through a letter on Monday.

Since almost last year August, the related bills have not been paid, so they informed that they are going to stop it. These letters informed that they have taken such a decision under the false circumstances that approximately Rs.1500 crore bills are pending. On the second day of this month, the CEO informed that the bills worth more than Rs.530 crores have also been uploaded in CFMS. However, due to the non-payment of the dues till now, Arogyasree is also informed that the services should be stopped.

In the letter, andhra pradesh Specialty Hospital Association expressed hope that they have paid the bill of Rs.50 crore only under the employee health scheme. He informed the Sarkar that the network hospitals had written several letters earlier this month as the government did not pay the Arogya Sri money. They also informed that if the dues are not paid by May 4th, they are going to stop the cashless treatment as well. As there was no response from the government regarding this matter, the latest Asha informed that they are going to stop the services under Arogyashri, Employee health Scheme from today. This makes it more burdensome for poor people. Let's see how the government reacts to this.

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