ACB's investigation against Swati Maliwal is ongoing...

ACB's investigation against swati Maliwal is ongoing...

On Saturday, delhi government minister Atishi made a big claim in the case of assault on former delhi Women Commission chairperson and rajya sabha MP swati Maliwal. He said, "BJP and the central government blackmail the opposition leaders through their investigative agencies and join them. The same is happening in the case of swati Maliwal ji." According to Atishi, acb investigation is going on against swati Maliwal. bjp has made him a pawn at the time of elections. She was in touch with bjp leaders. If delhi Police investigates this matter impartially, everything will become clear.

 These allegations were made against BJP

Atishi further said, 'BJP does every work clearly. She clearly puts ED after opposition leaders. cbi is also involved. It also puts IT behind the leaders. If bjp had not made such a conspiracy, then how would praful patel have joined BJP. How could maharashtra leader Chhagan Bhujbal join BJP? How could ncp leader Ajit Pawar, former congress leader and current assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma join BJP?

Maliwal was implicated under pressure

BJP first puts pressure on opposition leaders by using cbi, EOW, ED, IT, acb and other investigating agencies. Then, the party gets them included. Same thing happened in the case of swati Maliwal. bjp adopted this formula to get them in its favor. A conspiracy was hatched with Maliwal ji through investigating agencies. Then, bjp made him a pawn during the lok sabha elections. He claimed that if an impartial investigation is conducted then the truth will come out about when, where and why swati Maliwal met whom and with whom she was in contact. Milk will become milk and water will become water.

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