'...that's why Congress is winning, Ashok Gehlot big reason!

'...that's why congress is winning, ashok gehlot big reason!

Former rajasthan cm ashok gehlot claimed that congress will win the elections in Amethi with an overwhelming majority because sitting mp smriti irani has betrayed the people here. She has never come to Amethi in the last five years. Let us tell you that after the completion of lok sabha elections in rajasthan, ashok gehlot is camping in Amethi and he is campaigning for the congress candidate.

While talking to the media in Amethi, ashok gehlot said, "The people here are saying it themselves. This atmosphere has been created. smriti irani has betrayed the people here. She could not come here for five years and now she has come. She has won by confusing first.

Ametha has a different relationship with gandhi family – ashok Gehlot

Former cm ashok gehlot said that "the public remembers the fraud committed by Smriti Irani." This time the people themselves are contesting the elections. congress will win with an overwhelming majority. Kishori Lal Sharma will be very successful. The gandhi family has a different kind of relationship here.

While talking to the media on Saturday, ashok gehlot also attacked PM Modi and said that he is misleading the public. He claimed that if congress had been in power in the country, ram temple would have been built because the supreme court had ordered it. ashok gehlot said that and also stressed that there is no threat to the ram temple. bjp people are spreading confusion.

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