Raj Thackeray's speech on Article 370 and Ram Temple?

Raj Thackeray's speech on article 370 and ram Temple?

Raj thackeray shared the stage with PM Modi for the first time in shivaji Park. Meanwhile, he expressed his views on many issues. thackeray said, "Narendra Modi, who became the prime minister of the country for the third time after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, has come to Shivtirtha exactly after 21 years. Whatever I had to say about Modiji's tenure of 2014-2019, I said in 2019. Now from 2019 to now let’s talk about it." Raj thackeray said, "Other speakers wasted time in criticizing uddhav thackeray and Sharad Pawar. In my opinion there is no point in talking about him because he will not come to power. But I am PM from 2019 to 2024." I want to thank you for the work done by Modi."

Giving a statement on ram temple and kashmir, thackeray said, "Our hopes of building ram temple were shattered but because of Modi ji, ram temple was built in ayodhya and the souls of the Kar Sevaks who sacrificed their lives in that movement found peace. kashmir article 370, which was pending for many years to give special status to kashmir, was removed because of you, so it felt that kashmir also belongs to us like other states of India. Raj thackeray said on triple talaq, "In the Shahbano case, the supreme court ruled in favor of maintenance, but rajiv gandhi overturned the decision of the supreme court by passing a law. But PM Modi freed these victimized Muslim women from triple talaq." Thank you for removing the injustice being done to them forever."

Raj thackeray made this demand from PM Modi

The old demand that Marathi language should get the status of classical language should be fulfilled.

The history of the maratha Empire existed in india for approximately 125 years and should be included in every school curriculum in the country.

The monuments of Shiv Chhatrapati are the forts built by him. The central government should appoint a special committee to look into the conservation of these forts.

Like you built good roads in the country, but our Mumbai-Goa highway which has been stalled for the last 20 years should be completed.

I know that you will not change the Constitution but once again you can assure the country that the Constitution of india will not be affected.

The last demand is to focus on the development of mumbai Railways, increase the number of trains, give more funds to mumbai Railways to provide better facilities to the passengers.

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