Except him, everyone jumped from BRS!

After the formation of each telangana, the BRS party, which came into the opposition for the first time, is back to the beginning. BRS, which once fought a lonely struggle without any notable leaders, has now data-faced such dire situations. Because whether that party came into opposition or not, all the key leaders of the party got down from the car and took the hand of the Congress.

  And even the leaders who were pawns who believed in kcr left the pink party like this and got confused by the unexpected backlash. But BRS has already won only 39 seats and some MLAs have already reached their hands. How many people are going to join the congress has become a hot topic in the coming days. But now another news disturbing the BRS party has gone viral. In the combined nalgonda district, except former minister MLA Jagdish Reddy, the other six former MLAs are going to join the congress party along with key leaders, the campaign has gained momentum in telangana politics.

  After the results of the lok sabha elections, the congress party is getting angry. congress won 11 seats out of 12 constituencies in the joint nalgonda district in the assembly elections. bhuvanagiri and nalgonda mp seats are also confident that they will win with a huge majority. There will be a discussion in political circles that if the congress wins these two mp seats, there is a possibility that the BRS joint nalgonda district will disappear. Consultations for joining the congress have already been completed. It seems that all the former MLAs and key leaders of the BRS party are holding secret discussions with the Hastam party seniors. But it seems that one of the congress leaders in the joint nalgonda district is turning the wheel behind the scenes with an eye on the local elections. That senior leader wants to weaken BRS and give a blow to the rival party in local elections as well. Let's see what will happen.

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