Viral - Vijayashanti's comments on 'THIS' party !?!

Since her entry into telangana politics, Vijayashanthi has been changing parties saying that he is no longer given priority. Initially, she joined the BRS party and later she said that she was not recognized there.. She started her own party. In the end, her own party did not work out, so she joined the lotus nest. But vijayashanti, who could not get there, eventually joined the Congress. But for some time now, there has been a discussion whether Ramulamma is going to split the congress party as well. Because Ramulamma did not appear on the screen during the assembly elections.

  Not only did they not contest, but at least they did not campaign on behalf of the candidates. With this, what is the reason for Vijayashanthi to be silent? The campaign has come to the fore asking whether she is going to change the party again. However, Vijayashanti's recent comments have added strength to this campaign. Former president of telangana BJP Dr. Laxman made comments saying that BRS party will disappear in telangana after the results of parliament elections. However, Vijayashanthi, who responded to these comments, commented that it is not reasonable to say that BRS will disappear. So far, many regional parties have given advice to national parties.

  These comments became a sensation. Vijayashanthi, who spoke in support of BRS, started a campaign asking whether she is going to jump again. However, vijayashanti responded to this matter. congress leader Vijayashanthi clarified that she is not changing the party. She said that there is no truth in the news that he is joining the BRS party. Talking about the nature of all the regional parties in the country, Vijayashanthi rued that some people are promoting the change of the party.

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