Telugudesam changed the entire scene with a pen drive..!

We all know that assembly and parliament elections in andhra pradesh state were over a few days ago. From the beginning, the indirect fight between ycp and Kutami in Andhra state has been heavy. From the very beginning, the election commission has been thinking that there is a possibility of clashes in the elections. In order to deal with any mishap, the election commission has provided almost all the facilities in all the polling stations of the state to ensure that the voters can vote without any trouble.
But as planned from the beginning, the election process went smoothly in most parts of andhra pradesh, but in some parts it turned violent. With that, people are afraid to vote. The people of the alliance are saying that the ycp is the cause of all this conflict, and the people of the alliance are saying that the alliance is the cause of this conflict. Apart from this, the ranks of tdp have recently collected some evidence related to these conflicts.
All of them were kept safely in a pen drive and handed over to Vineet Gari, who is leading the Special Investigation Team. After many days we were able to come to the DGP office very freely and express our views. Such great weather is going to be in full force for a few more days. Voting in the elections was huge. Our government is coming to power. After coming into power, we will provide many facilities to the people. varla ramaiah informed on this occasion that they will be given a great life.

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