Is it difficult for Balayya to win in Hindupur?

The answer to the question of whether balayya is in for a huge shock in hindupuram constituency of the joint Anantapur district is yes. All the BCs in the constituency have voted in favor of Deepika, so it seems that it will not be easy for balayya to win in hindupuram regardless of the results of the surveys. The comments show that the people of Hindupur want change.
As there are criticisms that balayya is non-local and not accessible to the people, the people of Hindupur are commenting that they want deepika to win this election. It can be said that if deepika wins in hindupuram constituency in this election, it will be a sensation. It is known that hindupuram constituency is a stronghold of TDP. jagan hopes to break this stronghold.
Once jagan was a big fan of balayya but now balayya is seen as Jagan's rival. The comments show that there is no need for any doubt that the 2024 elections are going to have unexpected results. Information is being received that even Balayya's confidence has decreased in terms of victory in this election as compared to the past.
There are few cases where balayya has focused on full-fledged politics, even if balayya wins as mla again, there are criticisms that he does not give politics the priority he gave to films. It seems that balayya has developed hindupuram to an unexpected level but the actual situation is different and there are many problems in the constituency. Before the 2019 elections, there were no favorable conditions and balayya had to perform a sacrifice to win as an mla at that time. It is to be known whether any steps have been taken in this direction for Balayya's victory in this election as well. If the people of Hindupur want change, then there is no need to be surprised if balayya is permanently removed from politics.

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