With shortage of money then try these surefire remedies

With shortage of money then try these surefire remedies

Lal Kitab Ke Upay: If you are struggling with shortage of money then try these surefire remedies of Lal Kitab, you will get lots of money.

Astro Remedies For Money: Everyone in life wants that they should not have shortage of money and problems, but everyone remains troubled due to some reason or the other. If something similar is happening with you too, then you can get rid of it by following these measures.

Lal Kitab Ke Upay: Every person wants to earn a lot of money in life. For this he works hard day and night, but many times even after earning money, people continue to struggle with poverty and lack of money. There are many reasons behind this. If you are also troubled by this then you can take help of the ancient indian astrology book Lal Kitab. By trying the remedies and tricks given in this, you can get rid of financial difficulties and problems. Let us know those measures, by doing which a person's money related problems will be eliminated.

-If money does not stay in the house even after earning a lot. If the safe is empty then wherever you keep the money. Along with the cash, keep a gold or silver coin wrapped in a red cloth while taking the name of Goddess Lakshmi. This will increase the prosperity of the house. Spending money in wrong places will stop.

-To remove negativity from home and attract positivity, keep Shri Yantra in the puja temple of your home. If you already have Shree Yantra then change it. Worship it regularly. This will bring positive energy into the house and increase happiness and prosperity.

-If you want luxury in your life, but are not able to get it even after a lot of efforts. If there is a shadow of poverty in the house then please the planet Venus. For this, feed sugar grains to the ants regularly. Venus is pleased with this. There is never any shortage of money in a person's life.

-If there is Mercury defect in your horoscope and all kinds of problems have entered your life, then go to the cow shed on wednesday and feed green fodder to the cows. This will strengthen the position of planet Mercury in the horoscope. The negative effects of the planets will end and there will be happiness in life.

-If luck is not on your side. If your work gets spoiled then feed jaggery to the cows on Thursday. This removes the problems in life. Luck is on your side. Financial problems go away.

-Donating shoes on saturday is very auspicious. Shani Dev is pleased with this. Even a pauper becomes a king. Every obstacle that comes in work gets removed automatically.

-To stop continuous spending of money in wrong places, get water leakages happening anywhere in the house fixed. Wastage of water in the house causes economic loss. This causes loss of money.

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