Is Amit Shah the Chanakya of politics, the Home Minister

Is amit shah the chanakya of politics, the home Minister 

Amit Shah: Union home minister amit is continuously campaigning. During this time he is fiercely attacking the opposition.

After four phases of lok sabha elections 2024, political parties are busy preparing for the fifth phase of elections. The rhetoric of the leaders has also intensified. On one hand the Modi government is asking for votes in the name of its work of 10 years, while on the other hand the opposition parties are counting the shortcomings of the Modi government. Meanwhile, a statement of Union home minister amit shah is in discussion.

During an interview given to news agency ANI, home minister amit shah was asked, 'People call you political Chanakya. In such a situation, chanakya makes a plan B, so what is your plan in such a situation? In response to this, amit shah said, 'I am not Chanakya. Plan B has to be made when the probability is less than 60 percent, but I believe 100 percent that narendra modi will win. We will get majority. people want the country to become a developed India.

What will bjp do if it does not get majority?

Bharatiya Janata party is continuously claiming that the national democratic alliance (NDA) is going to get 400 seats in the 2024 elections? Regarding this, amit shah was asked that if nda is not able to cross the majority mark, then what options does bjp have? In response to this, amit shah said that I do not see such a possibility. An army of 60 crore beneficiaries is standing with PM Modi.

What did amit shah say on the Constitution?

On the question of changing the Constitution, amit shah said that we have got the mandate to change the Constitution for the last 10 years, but we never did so. What do you think rahul Baba and company will say and will the country believe it? This country has given us a clear mandate and the people of this country already know that narendra modi already had enough majority to change the Constitution, but we never did that.

Taking his point forward, amit shah said that we want 400 seats, because clean water has not yet reached every house and a lot of work remains to be done in the field of natural farming in this country. We want 400 seats, because we want to provide free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh to every senior citizen above 70 years of age.

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