Karthik Aryan's maternal uncle and aunt died

Karthik Aryan's maternal uncle and aunt died…

Manoj Chansoria, retired general manager of air Traffic Control, jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, and his wife Anita Chansoria have died in the Ghatkopar hoarding accident in Mumbai. His body was recovered on wednesday (May 16), 55 hours after the accident. The last rites of the Chansoria couple were performed in mumbai in the afternoon of the same day. It is being told that they were the maternal uncle and maternal uncle of film star karthik Aryan. After retirement, Manoj Chansoria lived with his wife Anita Chansoria in his ancestral hometown Jabalpur. Retired air Traffic Control general manager Manoj Chansoria and his wife Anita Chansoria died after being hit by a giant hoarding that fell in Ghatkopar during the storm that hit mumbai on monday, family members told local media. The body of Chansoria couple, residents of jabalpur, was taken out on wednesday, 55 hours after the accident. Based on the last location of the mobile, it was estimated that he was buried in the crashed hoarding.

Went to mumbai to get visa

The ancestral house of the deceased couple is near Mariam Chowk, Civil Lines, Jabalpur. Manoj Chansoria was the maternal uncle of bollywood actor Kartik aryan and brother-in-law of famous diabetologist Dr. Parimal Swamy. According to information received from family members, Manoj Chansoria was posted as GM in air Traffic Control at mumbai Airport. After retirement on 31 march 2024, Manoj came to jabalpur with his wife. From here he had to go to his son yash Chansoria living in America. Manoj Chansoria had gone to mumbai with his wife Anita to get a US visa.

An accident occurred while filling petrol in the car.

After this, on monday 13 May 2024, Manoj left from mumbai to come to Jabalpur. He was filling petrol in the car by stopping at the fuel pump where the hoarding incident took place. During this time a fierce storm came and the huge hoarding fell. In which many people were buried. The Chansoria couple's car was also buried in the accident. Both of them died at the accident site. Manoj's son yash Chansoria reached mumbai from America after getting information about the accident that happened with his parents in Mumbai. Some relatives from jabalpur and Manoj's brother-in-law Dr. Parimal Swami, sister Dr. Madhu Swami and friend Vinay Nema also reached Mumbai.

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