How bad TDP's situation would have been without Pawan?

Power star Pawan Kalyan, the leader of janasena, stood as the backbone of tdp in a very difficult situation. On one hand, chandrababu naidu went to jail. When the tdp cadre was in complete despair, pawan kalyan went to Jail alone and visited Mari Babu. Immediately, he made a sensational announcement that tdp janasena would contest together without a moment's delay. 

It is a fact that nothing is enough to weigh the support given by Pawan to TDP. It is because of Pawan that the tdp has gained incalculable strength. Due to Pawan's speeches, there was a lot of momentum in the alliance. It is a fact that TDP's strength has gone to another level since october last year when Pawan Kalyan, a leader from a strong social class, a crowd puller, a leader with full glamor as a tollywood hero, stood behind TDP. And this time in the election, tdp teamed up with janasena and did not associate bjp with them. Tried to break through.

And the comrades who are outside are those who wish for the well-being of Babu. Also, NRIs have been brought close. It made sure that the anti-votes were not lost. Even after doing this, there is a horrendous fight with the YCP.. india Herald survey showed after the polling. Even today, even if Pawan forms an alliance with tdp and bjp and gives a tough contest, strong surveys are coming out that ycp still has a chance to win. If tdp had fought alone, the situation in this election would have been very bad. If not for Pawan, TDP's situation would have become Assam. It is a fact that tdp would not have won even 20 seats without Pawan Kalyan's support. There is nothing good to say about TDP's rule. As jagan questioned in the election meetings, it is clear whether there is any single milestone work done by chandrababu naidu during his fourteen years rule. In this context, there is no doubt that tdp has found a solid egg in the form of Pawan Kalyan.

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