Shamita Shetty suffered from a painful illness

Shamita Shetty suffered from a painful illness

Actress warned women around the world in the video.Shamita Shetty has shared a video and told that she has suffered from a painful disease. Before the surgery, the actress has given a warning to women all over the world by sharing a video.

Bollywood actress shamita shetty is very active on social media. She is seen constantly sharing interesting posts to stay connected with her fans, but recently she shared something due to which fans are worried. The actress has suffered from a painful disease (Shamita Shetty Disease) and she had to undergo surgery for it (Shamita Shetty Surgery). By sharing a video of herself from the hospital bed, Shamita has given a big message to women all over the world. In this difficult time, Shamita's sister shilpa shetty is seen standing with her.

Shamita Shetty has shared a video on her Instagram. In this video it is seen that Shamita is sitting on the hospital bed and shilpa shetty has come to meet her. During this, shilpa has taken a video of her sister before the surgery, in which Shamita is seen preparing for the surgery. She is looking very positive before the surgery. Shamita is advising women all over the world that everyone should google about Endometriosis and be alert.

Along with this video, Shamita has also talked about the disease while giving her health update in the caption - 'Do you know that about 40 percent of women have endometriosis and most of us are not aware of this disease. I don't know anything. I would like to thank both my doctors because they did not stop until they diagnosed my pain. Now this disease has been removed through surgery. I now look forward to good health and pain-free days.

Let us tell you that Endometriosis is a disease occurring in the uterus, due to which the patient has to suffer a lot of pain. In this disease the tissues start growing abnormally. In many cases, they start spreading outside the uterus. Due to this disease there can be problems in pregnancy also.

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