Offering flowers in Kerala temples is banned

Offering flowers in kerala temples is banned

know why this big decision was taken

Kerala government has taken a big decision. He has banned offering flowers of oleander species in the temple.The kerala government has recently taken a big decision. The administration has banned offering or giving as prasad the flowers of Oleander species, which is a species of Kaner flowers, in the temples of Kerala. Actually, a nurse died after chewing the leaves of this flower. These temple trusts look after more than 2500 temples. In the local language these flowers are called Arli. It is believed that these flowers are poisonous. What is the whole matter?

Actually, this big decision was taken after the death of 24 year old nurse surya Surendran. Let us tell you that surya Surendran, who was about to leave for a new job in UK, carelessly ate some leaves of Kaner tree grown at home. After this, surya left for the airport, where he showed symptoms of poisoning. At kochi airport, Surendran told that he had eaten flower leaves. When his health deteriorated, he was taken to the hospital, where he died during treatment a few days later. According to the information, animals have also died in South kerala after eating oleander leaves.

Fossil taken after death

After the death of the nurse, this matter was taken seriously, after which the decision was taken to ban flowers. Oleander flowers are offered in temples across the country including Kerala. In such a situation, after this incident, the temple Trust of kerala government decided that these flowers will not be offered in the temples. The two boards which took this decision are Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) and Malabar Devaswom Board (MDB). The temple board said that Arli pools will not be used for prasad or any puja work.

oleander flowers

Oleander flower and its leaves are used to decorate temples and offer them in worship. It is used extensively in the temples of the South. WebMD report also found that a chemical called glycoside is found in it, which is poisonous. It has a direct effect on the heart and stomach. As soon as this chemical reaches the body, it starts slowing down the heartbeat. The result can lead to the death of a person. WebMD report says, not only eating this flower, its juice can also cause rashes on the skin. Chewing its leaves or eating its seeds can be fatal.

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