Bottle-neck winning with the middle class!!

Sindujaa D N
Nobody is against jagan, and people still like Babu. But who cast a ballot?
The polling in andhra pradesh went haywire. However, it can be claimed that, unlike in the past, this polling was completed without any major conflicts. Additionally, the voters cast their ballots with unprecedented fervor. There weren't any clashes that stopped the polling, except from a few minor disturbances and skirmishes here and there. However, it is now exceedingly difficult to determine the voters' stance.

Given the rise in voting, it is impossible to conclude that the sentiment is pro-TDP or anti-government. The rise in voter turnout is caused by two distinct sources. Before Jaganmohan reddy took office, elections were conducted extremely differently.

Prior to Jagan's election, it would have been simple to predict which party would prevail due to widespread opposition. Since then, it has grown more challenging to pinpoint Jagan's reign as chief minister. Generally speaking, this time around's increased polling was limited to the poor, poor women, and the impoverished. A portion of this benefit is attributed to the images. 

At the same time, urban voters, employed and unemployed individuals, middle-class and upper-class individuals, and businesspeople all opposed the administration. Based on the number of participants in the voting section, we can determine the winner. Voting was higher among women, the elderly, and those receiving government assistance. None of them can be said to have voted for the YCP. 

It can be argued that there are a variety of reasons why voting has increased, since Chandrababu also handed three cylinders to the impoverished middle class people, free buses for women, pensions at the age of fifty, 1500 rupees to women, and so on. Using this as a starting point, YSP claims that women, the elderly, the impoverished, and those who received schemes voted for us because of the telugu Desam government's opposition. In this, there is no resistance to Jagan. 

A certain amount of hope has grown regarding Chandrababu's schemes. The people began to have new optimism as a result. This suggests that how the leaders and activists in that area behave may have an impact on how the votes are cast. 

No party will secure a majority of that magnitude, according to political pundits. Furthermore, jagan is certain that the ycp was supported by every older member of the lower middle class.  

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