Annamalai, who campaigned for his friend in Karnataka with his breath

Annamalai, who campaigned for his friend in karnataka with his breath... Tejaswi looked at the phone without realizing it.

While annamalai campaigned vigorously for the parliamentary elections, the scenes of bjp candidate Tejashwi looking at his phone without realizing it have surdata-faced on social media. netizens criticized Tejashwi for looking at his phone during the annamalai election campaign.

Annamalai in the campaign field

Parliamentary election campaigning is going on in full swing across the country. The first phase of elections has been held for 102 constituencies in 21 states including tamil Nadu. Six more phases of elections are to be held. The second phase of elections is going to be held in the states like kerala and karnataka on the 26th. Campaigning for this election is intensifying. tamil Nadu bjp State President annamalai and National Women's Team President Vanathi Srinivasan have come out in support of bjp candidates contesting in this election in kerala and Karnataka. netizens criticized Tejashwi for looking at his phone during the annamalai election campaign KAK

Annamalai in kerala, Karnataka

In that way, bjp state president annamalai campaigned in support of bjp candidates in kerala for the last two days. At that time, he was campaigning by severely criticizing India's allies. annamalai, who has finished his kerala campaign, has seriously entered the field in karnataka since yesterday. annamalai, who supported bjp candidates and collected votes in many places, hunted for votes especially in tamil areas.

Annamalai campaign for a friend

Annamalai campaigned in support of tamil Nadu bjp leader Annamalai's friend and current mp Tejashwi surya, who is contesting in Karnataka. Then prime minister Modi listed the schemes implemented for the people in order. He also campaigned against the congress regime in Karnataka. annamalai was taking a breath for his friend saying that bjp is ready to give all the necessary schemes to the people and is ready to come running if you just make a phone call.

Tejaswi looked at the mobile with interest

But the bjp candidate Tejashwi surya, who was standing nearby, did not see anything and kept looking at something curiously on his phone. At one point, annamalai gestured to put the phone down while concluding his speech. Despite this, Tejashwi surya kept looking at his phone without paying attention to Annamalai's speech. The scene has gone viral on social media and netizens are criticizing Tejashwi Surya.

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