Loksabha Election 2024 Kollam BJP candidate Krishnakumar's play exposed!

Loksabha election 2024 kollam bjp candidate Krishnakumar's play exposed!

Kollam bjp candidate and actor Krishnakumar's drama has been exposed.

Loksabha election 2024 kollam bjp candidate Krishnakumar drama came to light. kollam bjp candidate and actor Krishnakumar had complained that he had suffered an eye injury after being attacked by the opposition party during the election campaign, but the police investigation revealed that it was false. Voting for the Parliamentary lok sabha elections is taking place in phases across the country. While the first phase of the lok sabha elections for a total of 102 constituencies, including tamil Nadu, was held on the 19th, the second phase of elections will be held in kerala on the 26th. The campaign for this will end today evening. Famous malayalam actor Krishnakumar is contesting on behalf of the bjp from the kollam constituency in kerala state. He was collecting votes two days ago at the market in Kollam's Mulavana area. Then, a sharp weapon in the hand of someone standing near him hit Krishnakumar's right eye.

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His eye was injured. Krishnakumar was immediately admitted to a nearby eye hospital and stitched in his eye. Meanwhile, kollam bjp candidate Krishnakumar complained that he had injured his eye after being attacked by the opposition during the election campaign. In this regard, he had been complaining after posting a photo of himself with plaster on his eye on social media. In this situation, the drama of Krishnakumar, the actor and bjp candidate of kollam, kerala, who claimed to have been attacked by the opposition parties, has been exposed. When the police arrested and interrogated bjp activist 'Sanal', he confessed that he had mistakenly poked Krishnakumar's eyes with a key.

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