P. Chidambaram's response to the question raised..?

P. Chidambaram's response to the question raised..?

Former Union Finance minister p. chidambaram has reached Shimla. During a conversation with the media in Shimla, p. chidambaram targeted the indian leader, party, and prime minister Narendra Modi. p. chidambaram said that the prime minister should mention even one paragraph in the congress manifesto where appeasement is visible. He said that the country has become socially and economically fragmented under the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government. He said that injustice has been done to the poor of all religions including sc and st communities. congress has talked about justice for every class in its manifesto. He said that today the congress manifesto is being discussed in the entire country. There is no discussion of BJP's manifesto even far and wide. In such a situation, bjp leaders are irritated with the manifesto of Congress.

There is no talk of BJP's manifesto - Chidambaram

P. chidambaram said that BJP's manifesto is not a manifesto because it talks about Modi's guarantee. He politely requested the prime minister that he should first read the congress manifesto. chidambaram said that the congress manifesto was being discussed even in remote villages, but the discussion about the bjp manifesto had ended within two hours of its release.

P. Chidambaram's target regarding electoral bonds

Whereas, regarding electoral bonds, p. chidambaram said that political parties have not got equal opportunity to contest elections. chidambaram said that this is not a level playing field. The way Bharatiya Janata Party's advertisements are being run on big banners and tv channels, there can be no comparison with BJP. He said that bjp has received Rs 8 thousand 500 crore from electoral bonds. At the same time, work has been done to freeze the accounts of Congress. chidambaram said that the public will support him in the congress campaign.

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