Uttarandhra - Jagan keen to Win there?

S Venkateshwari
Uttarandhra: If you win in uttarandhra districts, there will be no turning back. That is why jagan has put full focus on uttarandhra districts. jagan Mohan reddy is very determined to win tekkali Assembly Constituency in Ummadi srikakulam District. cm jagan stopped the ycp family fight there. 

CM jagan, who has won this constituency and is spreading the word, resolved the dispute between husband and wife in his own style. It is known that tdp state chief Achchennaidu is contesting from Tekkali. cm jagan Mohan Reddy's dream is to defeat him. In this order, the ticket was announced to Duvvada srinivas, the leader of the fire brand, six months before. But, no matter what.. Srinivas's wife who is a member of ZP.. said that they will give ticket to Vani.

With this, Vani's name has been confirmed in almost one step. With the announcement of jagan Mohan reddy, she is also ready to campaign. When the Tira election time came, jagan again changed his mind and favored Duvvada Srinivas. But, vani decided that there is no escaping from the competition. Even if it is her husband.. well.. there is no point of going back. Immediately after that, he was nominated as an independent. On the other hand, Duvvada srinivas was announced as the candidate of jagan Mohan Reddy.

As both husband and wife are contesting from the same constituency, the ycp party leadership, who thought that the ycp votes would be lost, stepped in. jagan Mohan reddy, who was recently visiting Visakhapatnam, called both of them there and told them more. Earlier it was reported that vani turned against cm Jagan. She also argued that after announcing her name.. how can they take it back.. this is not good. However.. cm jagan cooled her down and said that we are moving forward with a goal.. We have set a goal to defeat Achchenna for sure.. Now is not the time to lose bets, jagan said. However, he did not listen to Vani's words. After giving time for half an hour, jagan took a crucial decision. He gave a strong assurance to vani that he should definitely work hard to win Duvvada srinivas who is currently MLC..and after he wins..he will give you the MLC seat. vani was calmed by this.

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