Shankar Lalwani - The heat and sun are bothering...

Shankar Lalwani - The heat and sun are bothering...

Bharatiya Janata party candidate shankar Lalwani formally launched his public relations campaign in indore yesterday, but whatever public relations programs are being made, they are being made only after seeing the sunshine and heat. Candidates have time from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon to campaign on foot or by car because even walking too much in the hot sun proves to be a difficult task for the candidates.

To campaign one has to wait for the sun to lighten

Whereas, after lunch and rest, the candidates participate in the afternoon meetings. The afternoon is spent talking to local people and leaders in a meeting at the place where he is campaigning. After this, the campaign starts again at 5.00 pm, when the sunlight becomes a little lighter.

After this, the candidates continue campaigning till 11.00 pm because they do not get time due to the heat and humidity during the day. The situation becomes worse in rural areas. Where these candidates along with their workers are seen appealing for votes on deserted footpaths.

weddings spoiled preparations

In fact, a special atmosphere is being seen regarding weddings in indore and surrounding rural areas. In such a situation, when these candidates are going somewhere to appeal for votes for themselves, they are also facing problems due to weddings because the local people of the place where they have to do public relations are busy at weddings or are not at home. In such a situation, at present the public relations program has been limited to urban areas or publicity is being spread in the rural areas adjacent to Indore.

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