Chiranjeevi's Political Move a Plot Twist?

Sindujaa D N
Chiranjeevi, once a prominent politician from a mega family, established the praja rajyam Party and later merged it with the Congress, assuming the role of Union Minister. After a break from politics, he shifted his focus back to films. chiranjeevi now sees himself as an apolitical figure, focusing solely on his career as an actor.

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan, his younger brother, founded the janasena party, making significant efforts to secure good seats and bring the tdp to power, posing a challenge to the YCP. At this juncture, chiranjeevi is not actively supporting any political party.

However, he became close to ap Chief minister Jagan, supporting the ambitious three capitals announced by the ycp government. This raised a feeling among the people that pawan kalyan was different. In the ongoing election battle, chiru has declared full support for janasena, calling for votes for nda alliance candidates. This has left the ycp furious with Chiranjeevi.

 Prominent leaders, including government adviser Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy, are targeting chiru and expressing their opinions. Additionally, bhimavaram sitting mla made serious comments on Pawan Kalyan's opponent in the 2019 elections, grandhi srinivas Chiru. He claimed that chiru is purely commercial and is favouring Pawan only to survive in his film career. Allegedly, when he discussed the ticket rates of Chiru's movie with the CM, he made a big fuss about not being greeted every time. Following this, pawan kalyan urged fans not to watch Chiru's movies, resulting in minimum openings for the film. 

This indicates that chiranjeevi is strictly commercial. He has accused Pawan of only doing small films if there are fans of Pawan, implying that he did not support Pawan out of love. It is alleged that he met Pawan to get a fund of five crores for Janasena. chiranjeevi is planning to please Pawan in this way because his new film, Vishwambhara, is going to be released soon. Currently, these comments by grandhi srinivas have gone viral on social media.

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