Kadapa Contest: Murder Allegations .?

Sindujaa D N
Congress party president YS sharmila reddy is contesting as the lok sabha candidate from Kadapa. ycp leader avinash Reddy is also contesting as an mp from the same district. avinash Reddy is an accused in the YS vivekananda reddy murder case. However, sharmila is using the same criminal case as a weapon.

 Along with Vivekananda Reddy's daughter Sunita, they are openly making serious allegations against avinash Reddy, accusing him of killing Vivekananda Reddy. The public is expressing anger, questioning if they will vote for a murderer. However, it is not appropriate to discuss a matter that is within the jurisdiction of the court. Even if he is charged with the murder, the court should be the judge and the one to convict him. 

Moreover, political analysts are commenting that it is not appropriate for YS sharmila and Sunita to make judgments as they like. In this context, the court also condemned them and ordered that they should not pass judgments at their discretion.  In response, avinash Reddy commented that he did not kill Vivekananda Reddy. However, Sunitha made a shocking comment, suggesting that vivekananda reddy wanted to see sharmila as an mp and to fulfil his long-time wish, avinash should drop out of this election. 

Essentially, they imply that if he withdraws from the elections, he will not be considered a murderer. sharmila is also demanding to know why jagan is protecting the accused in a murder case. She is questioning why he is giving an mp ticket to such a person. Overall, they are attempting to gain political benefits by portraying avinash Reddy as a murderer. In the end, the people of kadapa district should carefully consider who they will vote for.

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